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29 April 2019

Nexus Labs announces launch of Surgical Teaching

Launching today, Surgical Teaching is a video learning platform for medical students and junior doctors that combines CGI animations, real-life footage and expert narration. This innovative, hybrid approach helps to simplify the learning of complex topics and better prepare users for both examinations and life as a doctor.

Nexus Labs’ CEO Dr Glyn Estebanez said, “I am thrilled to announce the release of our flagship product, Surgical Teaching. The learning habits of medical students and junior doctors have changed and Surgical Teaching represents an evolution of online medical learning. Through our innovative use of expert-endorsed multimedia we aim to raise the bar in medical education and ultimately help improve patient care around the world. At Surgical Teaching we want to help everyone get better.”

Surgical Teaching is built on the cumulative knowledge of numerous surgeons, academics, doctors and medical professionals from around the world. Its content is designed to complement the curricula of all Medical Schools and is reinforced with interactive quizzes and assessments.

Nexus Labs are based at Alderley Park, Cheshire.

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