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09 June 2020

Gendius announces launch of CrowdCube campaign for Intellin® diabetes management app

Intellin® is an intelligent remote management diabetes platform, with over 140,000 downloads so far this this year. Having established itself as an approved vendor with Big Pharma, the company is now poised to scale the business globally and drive commercialisation.

Since its last successful appearance on Crowdcube last year, intellin® has established itself as a growing presence in diabetes management. In the last three months, intellin® has been downloaded over 140,000 times by those seeking better management of diabetes.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for remote home monitoring of patients. Dr Martin Marshall, (Chair, RCGP) said that ‘Having the technological capability to offer remote consultations, where appropriate, will be beneficial for general practice, the wider NHS and most importantly our patients, long after this pandemic has ended’. Intellin® has connection to over 150 medical devices and apps, and two-way communication with the Healthcare Professional via a secure dashboard leaves intellin® with the potential to play an important role going forward. They are part-way through a trial in a GP practice and are now ready to discuss our offering with the wider NHS. The business is registered as an approved vendor with AstraZeneca in Saudi Arabia and aims to use this as a springboard to other opportunities.

Gendius is now planning a £5m investment round to scale the business globally and drive commercialisation. Details:

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