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Viscgo designs and develops innovative devices to improve the management of dysphagia. Thickened drinks are often prescribed to people with dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) as they are easier to swallow, with different people requiring different levels of thickness. Although it’s important that drinks are the prescribed consistency for each person, there was no practical way to ensure that drinks were the correct thickness - until now. Viscgo has developed a quick, easy and accurate drink thickness test that ensures every drink, which is thickened with gum-based thickener, is the correct thickness.

The company was founded by an influential dysphagia expert and a successful product designer. Their initial focus was to solve this unmet need for a practical way to ensure adherence to prescribed thicknesses when thickening drinks for people with dysphagia. They now have a very promising product, which they are about to launch, that addresses this large unmet need. Their future aim is to develop a number of low-cost, low-powered solutions for dysphagia and other similar markets.

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