Manchester Biotech (Manchester Biogel)

Early Stage

Manchester Biogel manufactures and sells hydrogel materials for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and contract research organisations to use for cell culture, bioprinting, tissue regeneration and drug discovery.

Manchester Biogel technology is based on decades of research at the University of Manchester to develop better biologically compatible synthetic materials that overcome limitations of current systems. The hydrogel materials have much better reproducibility, ease of use and compatibility while also being completely synthetic.

Our Approach

What do we look for?

Our business is about forming long term relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs and becoming a trusted partner and supportive investor.

We look for companies with both the vision and potential to become ‘game changers’ and market leaders across a range of sectors.

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Our Team

Dr Gareth King

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Contact us

Binder House
7 Narborough Wood Park
Desford Road
LE19 4XT

Tel: 0116 238 8200