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22 October 2012

Cyclops & Telmap Announce Global Live Service Content Partnership

Cyclops, the global provider of premium quality, professionally verified, speed camera content and services today announces a global partnership with Telmap, an Intel company, to provide its’ community based, real-time, speed camera alert service in Telmap’s own mobile navigation applications and for its’ Mobile Network Operator customers worldwide.

The Cyclops service includes instant updates for all static camera types and real-time reports of currently active mobile speed enforcement locations reported from the driver community. The service is offered as part of the Telmap mobile location app (offering local search, mapping and navigation) that’s offered in a white label model through mobile operators across the world, as well as under Telmap’s own consumer brand, M8 your local mate (available for both Android and iPhone in the UK and Spain).

The speed camera information, provided by Cyclops, offers intrinsic value to Telmap users by combining ultra-reliable static camera alerts with real-time, verified alerts from the user community and the ability to report live alerts to other users with just a single touch of the mobile device screen. All live reports from the community are verified against current and historic user reports in the vicinity and against Cyclops’ 80,000 static and frequent mobile sites using intelligent algorithms and Cyclops’ proprietary Waypoint Technology TM ensuring only reliable alerts are received by drivers.

Cyclops has a growing community of 400,000 users from its own Speedwatch apps along with B2B partners offering Cyclops real-time content in connected PND, mobile navigation and OEM applications. This latest partnership will extend the availability of premium, real-time speed camera services to the millions of Telmap users around the world.

“This global partnership builds on our long relationship with Telmap and brings our premium quality real-time services to a wider global driver audience. We are very proud to be one of Telmap’s global content partners bringing valuable and highly effective real-time services to drivers. It’s great to see more and more drivers benefiting from our dynamic safety camera alert services to improve journey safety and to protect their licences.” – Steve Wreford, Director of Cyclops

“Part of our on-going mission at Telmap is to provide our users with the most relevant and reliable content available to improve the on-the-go experience and our partnership with Cyclops does exactly that by providing our users the most advanced speed cam information out there, providing them with a better driving experience.” – Tsipi Joseph, Director of Marketing - Telmap 

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